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Little Bear Gelato is born from the same great mind and creativity that is behind an Edmonton favourite, FanFan Patisserie.

Franck Bouihol began offering gelato by the pint at FanFan in 2017. He decided to brand it as its own business because it was so incredibly popular with his customers. Franck, who immigrated to Canada in 2014, was used to gelato being a very seasonal product and couldn’t believe how popular gelato was with Edmontonians year round.

Franck has been making gelato for years, long before he immigrated to Canada from his native France. He brings his French palate for intense fruit flavour to his gelato here. In France, sorbets are usually upward of 50% fruit, while in Canada, most land around 25%. Little Bear recipes include 60% fruit and that’s responsible for their extraordinary fruit flavour.

Using only Canadian sourced natural ingredients, no artificial flavours or preservatives, Franck makes 10-14 flavours a week. His batches are ridiculously small, only 10L each so it gives him incredible control over his creative process and quality.

Franck decides on flavours based on what he likes and what his customers request. What he loves about making ice cream is that you can be as creative as you want and his flavours mirror that joy of creativity. From classic raspberry or pistachio to lemon basil to salted caramel to rose raspberry lychee or Mango/passion fruit, he plays with combinations that delight his customers.

You can find Little Bear Gelato products at Culina To Go, Bountiful Farmers’ Market and at various festivals around Edmonton!

Did you know?

While thinking about what to name his gelato company, Franck watched his 2.5yr old son enthusiastically eating some of his raspberry gelato and decided to name it “Little Bear”, his nickname for his son.

Products at Market

  • Gelato cones/cups
  • Gelato by the pint