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LucyLoo essential oils started after Matt and Kathleen had kids and started searching more intentionally for natural products.

They found that they were often paying a premium price for natural body products so they began to figure out how to make it for themselves. They found that to make these products cost effectively, they have to buy a large volume of ingredients. They started giving their products to friends and family and were encouraged to scale up production and test the waters at farmers’ markets. Starting with body products, they began selling essential oils that they were using to make the own products because they had it in stock anyway. The essential oils became so popular in such a hurry that they moved towards primarily selling essential oils. They benefit from having a customer base that already knows a lot about and has experience with essential oils and so rather than having to put a lot of their business costs towards marketing and education, they simply have to provide a great product at its true cost.

Both Matt and Kathleen have a background in retail management and it reflects in the beauty and functionality of their stall at Bountiful. However, sometimes they feel that their professional presentation undermines the fact that it’s literally just a two person team behind it all.Their business is a hands on endeavour with everything being bottled by either Matt or Kathleen. They make all their own blends and body products in their own workshop and even design and print all their labels at home. By doing the work themselves, selling directly to consumers and staying out of the “essential oil education business” they can provide products that are the same quality as other big name brands at a fraction of the cost.

They have a particular love of helping customers problem solve. They love to help create solutions for their customers and go out of their way to help them research methods of alleviating different skin conditions. Often they can match blends or create products that speak to an individual customer’s needs. Being at market and talking with their customers one on one is so important for Matt and Kathleen. You can buy all their products online through their website but find their customers feel the most impact when they can actually hold it in their hands, smell it, test it. It also gives them an opportunity to really share about the quality of their products. They buy the oils as close to the sources as possible to bring down their costs and pass that savings on to their customers. When they can buy from farms who distill their own products, it’s a lot cheaper than buying from distributors. And having products in stock and in front of you is incredibly convenient for customers who are used to having to wait for orders to ship.

One of the major drivers of their passion is held in the name of their business. Their daughter Lucy passed away when she was just 5 years old in 2013. After that loss, they rebranded their business to “LucyLoo” to help them carry her legacy with them. They keep some of her personal items in their workshop and use their work to remember Lucy every day. While their decision to carry Lucy’s memory with them through their business name is solely a personal one, it also reflects their commitment to quality. They would never offer a subpar product with Lucy’s name attached to it. It’s a reminder of their promise to themselves and to their customers that they strive to have the best products and a commitment to ethical practices in all areas of their business.

Did you know?

LucyLoo has over 100 essential oils in stock all the time?

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  • Massage & Bath Oils
  • Natural Bug Repellent
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