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Stocks is a multi-generational family farm and a fixture of the Edmonton area flower scene for over 40 years!

Wes & Elsie Stocks started a u pick berry farm and small greenhouse outside of Sherwood Park in the late 1970s. Over time the greenhouse expanded and growing bedding plants for wholesale became their focus. In 1992, Wes & Elsie’s son Ben graduate from Olds College’s horticulture program and together with his wife, Karen expanded the company by buying property on HWY 21. They were still growing wholesale bedding plants for garden centres but they also opened their own retail storefront selling everything from annuals and perennials to trees and shrubs to cut flowers.

In 2016 they decided to scale down a little in search of a better work/life balance. They made the difficult decision to close their retail side of the business despite having a strong, supportive customer community. They started to grow cut flowers on a full time basis focusing on varieties that do well in cooler climates. Growing crops both in the field and in greenhouses, their cut flowers can thrive all year long.

They like the work that comes with cut flowers. They enjoy making arrangements and growing beautiful flowers that last a long time after their customers take them home. In particular, they love the conversations that are inspired by their flowers. So often cut flowers are associated with memories and Ben and Karen enjoy the stories their customers share with them about their own experiences and recollections associated with different flowers.

Making a real connection with families and customers is so important. Stocks is truly a family business. Ben and Karen’s kids have been raised in their business and they’ve found that by working together they’ve learned to appreciate each other in ways that extend beyond family roles. To see their children grow into hardworking, strong individuals that learned life skills by working together in their operation is so rewarding.

You can find Stocks beautiful cut flowers every week at Bountiful Farmers’ Market and at Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market where Elsie was a fixture for almost 30 years in her floral apron.

Did you know?

Peonies are picked before they're blooming. When their buds are squishy like a marshmallow, they cut the crop (all within a couple weeks) and put them into cold, dry storage. Then they put them in water to bring them to market where they continue to fully open.

Products at Market

  • Field-grown cut flowers
  • Greenhouse-grown cut flowers