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The Happy Camel is owned and operated by Ron & Mary Anne Korn.

The business itself has a long history stretching back to 1998 when original owners Gerald and Sara Larson began selling dips and salads at farmers’ markets. Authenticity remains at the forefront of The Happy Camel under Mary Anne and Ron’s leadership. Since they took over the business, they use original recipes and an authentic pita oven directly from Israel. While Mary Anne and Ron may not be middle eastern, they’ve spent most of their careers as chefs and they’re still able to make a darn fine hummus. They don’t skimp on fresh ingredients, they buy local produce from other local vendors and pay close attention to every detail of their process, right down to how they peel each bulb of garlic.

Mary Anne fell in love with entrepreneurship when she went back to school for small business after having her daughter. One of her favourite parts of The Happy Camel is getting to be on the ground, talking with customers at markets. This not only gives her a chance to really explain their product but to also be responsive to customer feedback. When a customer told them they are allergic to tahini, Mary Anne began experimenting with white beans to create a line of sesame free hummus, one of which, lemony bean hummus, has become one of Mary Anne’s favourite dips. And while tzatziki is their most popular dip (once you’ve had good tzatziki, you’re going to come back again and again for it), their roasted garlic hummus wins the most awards, being featured in The Tomato two years running.

When asked about the backbone of their operation and how they make all of this work, Mary Anne gives credit to her staff. The original bakers who made pitas for Sara and Gerald still work with Mary Anne and Ron and their market staff help keep their stalls vibrant. During the summer months you can find them at St Albert Market and year round at Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market and our very own Bountiful Farmers’ Market. You can also find The Happy Camel products at the storefront in their production facility, at Planet Organic, The Italian Centres and Blush Lane.

Did you know?

The Happy Camel pita oven is 700 degrees and pitas bake in it while on a conveyor belt which allows for heat to surround them on both sides. This is how the pitas “pop”, and come out the other side with a perfect “pocket” in the middle!

Products at Market

  • Pita Breads
  • Pita Chips
  • Dips & Spreads
  • Salads