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Greg Marles owns and operates West Country Herbs, a division of Morinville Greenhouses.

Greg’s parents began farming in 1976 as a field grown vegetable operation. In the 1980s they added a bedding plant greenhouse and by the mid 90s, they’d quit veggie farming and focused exclusively on bedding plants. Greg worked off and on his whole life in his parents’ business despite raising a family and running a nursery on Vancouver island for 20 years. He always kept his ties to Alberta and ended up taking over his parent’s business in the mid 2010s.

It was around 2010 that Greg and his parents began looking to add something new to their offerings and someone suggested basil. They weren’t aware of any customer demand for fresh cut basil but it was something new and interesting and worth a try.

At first they grew basil in bedding plant pots, cut off the tops and sold it at farmers’ markets. Before too long they’d started selling at The Italian Centre and the basil business took off. While basil is still their best seller, they also grow all kinds of salad greens inside their year-round, one acre large, hydroponic greenhouse. In 2018, Greg’s mother retired and the business began to focus solely on fresh cut herbs.

Greg grows in three week plant cycles which means his crops are incredibly clean. He never has to spray his crops because the short plant cycle eliminates pests and disease before it can even start.

You can find West Country Herbs products at Bountiful Farmers’ Market, Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market, The Italian Centre, Mercado, Sunterra and Andy’s IGA.

Did you know?

All of the crops are all harvested mechanically with customized equipment made specifically for their business!

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