July Monthly Balloon Artists

Bountiful Farmers' Market

These talented artists skillfully craft intricate balloon sculptures, transforming simple balloons into works of art right before your eyes. Children gaze in wonder as animals, flowers, and fantastical creatures take shape, while adults marvel at the creativity and precision of the balloon sculptures. With a flurry of twists and turns, the balloon buskers captivate audiences […]

Event Series July Monthly Facepainters

July Monthly Facepainters

Bountiful Farmers' Market

Come join the fun at the Bountiful Farmers Market with our delightful face painting activities for kids! Talented artists bring imaginations to life, transforming eager faces into vibrant works of art. From whimsical butterflies to fierce tigers, every child gets a personalized masterpiece. It's a joyful moment against the backdrop of bustling stalls, where laughter […]

July Monthly Musical Buskers

Bountiful Farmers' Market

Experience the vibrant sounds of the Market with our talented musical buskers! As you wander through the stalls filled with fresh produce and artisanal crafts, you'll be serenaded by a variety of musical performances. From soulful melodies to upbeat rhythms, these buskers add an extra layer of charm to your market experience.

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