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Bountiful Farmers' Market - Vendor Map

A&A Greenilla FoodPrepared Food, Canned Soup BaseB12
A Chime for HealingArtisan CraftsL1
Ace Coffee RoastersCoffee & TeaA1, A2
Alberta Bison RanchBison, Beef, Goat MeatK1
Alumination CanadaArtisan CraftsK9
Andy’s Beef JerkyPrepared FoodsB13
Birds & Bees Winery and MeaderyAlcoholic BeveragesJ2
Blindman BrewingAlcoholic BeveragesE7
Catch of the weekSeafood & FishD6-7
Caught In The Cookie JarBakery & SweetsA7
Coastal Charm SoapsHealth, Home & BeautyF5
Confetti SweetsBakery & SweetsD3
Cookie CrumbsFood to Go Kitchen, Coffee/BeansFood Hall Kitchen
Could Chuck Wood- SignsArtisan CraftsWest Corner Info Booth
Dear Dog TreatsPet Food & TreatsK15
Delton Sausage HouseMeat & PreservesE6
Dovgan’s Organic Ukrainian BakeryBakery, Bread, FlourJ14
Dressings by Zuppa CaféPreserves, Coffee BeansD8
Dan’s SausageMeat, Prepared FoodC11
Easy as PiePrepared Food, MealsB4
EcuathenticAlpaca Fleece ClothingN8
Effing SeafoodsSeafood & FishF7
Exmore LeatherworksClothingK13, K14
Family Tree AcresMicrogreens, Sprout TraysE1
Fantasy PretzelsBakery & SweetsA12
The Farmhouse BakeryBakery & SweetsM4
Field Stone Fruit WinesAlcoholic BeveragesD2
For the Love of Cheese – Vegan Cheezery Inc.Cheese, VeganC2
Four Whistle FarmPoultry Meat & EggsD4, D5
Going NutsSnacks & Prepared FoodA3, A4
Golomein Noodle HouseTake-out Food, Prepared FoodFood Hall Kitchen
Good Stock FoodsPrepared Food, Vegan CheezeB2
Gramma Bee’s HoneyHoney, BeeswaxJ8
La GrenouilleCrepesM1
Green Thumb Plant Based BakeryVegan BakeryJ1
The Happy CamelPrepared Food, BakeryB5
Helen’s Veggies & FlowersProduce, Bedding PlantsG2,G3
Hello MochiBakery & SweetsC15
Holden Colony ProduceProduce, Eggs, MeatK10, K11, K12
Homeward Bound Pet FoodPetfoodJ11
Homestead FarmHoneyK6
Humblewood HatsClothing, HatsN5
Irvings Farm FreshPork, MeatL9, L10
It’s Meyn Ukranian FoodPrepared FoodK5
Jack59 Body CoHealth, Home & BeautyRotating
Jamaican ChefmonTake-out Meals, Hot SauceFood Hall Kitchen
Jen Ashley JewelryArtisan CraftsF3
Khodiyar SpicesPreserves, Prepared FoodsB9
Kick Ass CaramelsBakery & SweetsB9
Lacombe FreshGreenhouse ProduceF9, F10, G9, G10
Little Bear GelatoSweetsB10
Little Jack Horner Meat PiesPrepared FoodK4
Loaf MeBakery & SweetsB1
LucyLooEssential Oils, Hand SanitizerJ6, J7
Maine’s Game Farm Ltd.Elk Meat, Dog BonesL14
Mala FoodsTake-out FoodFood Hall Kitchen
Mama G’s JamPreserves, BakeryB6
Meadow-Sweet ApiariesHoney, BeeswaxC5
Mediterranean KitchenTake-out FoodFood Hall Kitchen
Meuwly’sSnacks & PreservesB7
Morinville Greenhouses/ West Country HerbsProduce, HerbsG1
Munro Jewellery DesignArtisan CraftsJ9
Natural Kitchen DelightsSnacks & PreservesC4
Orchard Fresh SyrupsAlcoholic Beverages + SyrupsM3
OS Pepper-Kampot PepperPreservesE5
Pasta DelightPasta, Pesto, Green Onion CakesD1
PiKantePrepared FoodC10
PJ Plus Size Creations & Professional DressmakingClothing, Tailor ServiceG6
Planet MushroomsProduceF8
Poppin’ John’s Homemade PopcornPrepared Food, CraftsL2
Range Road GardensJams & Micro GreensL15
Red AppleProduce, Juice, Dried FruitE9, E10, D9, D10
Ribstone Creek BreweryAlcoholic BeveragesJ10
Riverbend GardensProduceN1, N2, N3
Rosenthal SweetsBaked GoodsC13
Sativa GroupHealth, Home & Beauty, Hand SanitizerG7
Scentsy ProductsHealth, Home & BeautyJ12
Siberian Meat DumplingsPrepared FoodC14
Simple Simon piePrepared FoodA10, A11
Soap So CoHealth, Home & BeautyK2
SoupTime.caPrepared FoodA6
Soybean essentialsHealth, Home & BeautyF1
Stenia’s KitchenPrepared Food, BakeryE8
Steve & Dan’s BC FruitProduce, Juice, Frozen/ Dried FruitA5, M2, M5, M6
Stony Plain Pie Shoppe Ltd.Prepared FoodB8
Sunshine BlendsKombucha & Pressed Juice BlendsA8
Sucre MBakery & SweetsC9
Sweet Stix Ice PopsBakery & SweetsC7
Sylvan StarCheese, Dairy & EggsL3, L4
TeAmo Fruit TeaNon-Alcoholic Beverages, Bubble TeaB15
Theo’s Greek KouzinaPrepared Food, BakeryE2
Troubled Monk BreweryAlcoholic BeveragesC8
Tulip Farm Red DeerFlowers, PlantsN1, N2
Ukrainian Fine foodsTake-out Food, Prepared FoodFood Hall Kitchen
Victorian Grooming Co.Health, Home & BeautyK3
Western Sandwich BoothTake-out FoodFood Hall Kitchen
YEG Market PizzaPrepared Food, KETOC1

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