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Ian and Keiron immigrated to Edmonton from Middlesbrough, England in 2017 and fell into soap making by chance.

They came across a soap making video online and were mesmerized. They knew they had to try it themselves so they started with a melt and pour soap making kits as a hobby. After completing their first batch of soap they were completely hooked. They started giving their soaps to friends and family. It exploded from there and Soap So Co was born! They turned their interest on to cold process soap making because they loved the creativity they could bring to that method. They’re extremely creative people and have always been involved in creative industries. They love art and theatre and music and colour and they bring that vibrance and excitement into their soap making.

They usually work in collections of soap, creating a new product that they love and developing it into a series. Often they play with particular fragrances in different ways that tie a collection together. They always have at least 16 different soap designs available at their booth and introduce new designs every week. At the heart of their products and process is practicality. Above all though, when making their soaps their main intention is to bring a smile to their customer’s faces.

Soap So Co is very community based. They actively encourage their customers to submit their own soap designs. They want the community to engage with them in the process of creating new products and they love taking people’s ideas and translating them through their creative process. Got a design idea!? Email it to

Soap So Co’s creative, handmade soaps are available at Bountiful Farmers’ Market all year round.

Did you know?

Every bar of soap goes through a 6 week curing process before being packaged and labelled by hand!

Products at Market

  • Handmade soaps